Welcome to Web-mashina international!

Since 2011, Web-Mashina is a digital agency that specializes in providing marketing services to the web communications sector including web development, SEO, SMM, development strategy, market researching and business intelligence.


Web-Mashina offers an extensive range of specialized and comprehensive marketing and research services, customized to meet the needs of our overseas partners to promote their goods and services to Russian and Ukrainian markets by using web-tools. Also we have experience in promotion strategy development in markets of Central Asian and Central European regions.

In addition to marketing and research services we specialize in web design and search engine marketing worldwide.

The main goal of Web-Mashina is to discover new customers, potential customers, and competitive information for our partners in new markets.


 As your reliable partner and advisor we want your web campaign to achieve the goals!

To order our services or get more information please contact us by email:

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Web-mashina is located in Kharkov, Ukraine.

www.web-mashina.com (Tatyana Mashkina - sole proprietorship).

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